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Alan Ponton, Lead UX Designer/Researcher

Project timeframe: 30 days

Responsive Website


The Peak Street Tavern is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great meal and a creative selection of specialty drinks. With a cozy atmosphere and welcoming staff, you can be sure you’ll have a wonderful time with your friends and family at the Peak Street Tavern.


I conducted interviews, usability testing and customer journey mapping to understand the customers who regularly order from their favorite restaurant, Peak Street Tavern. ​

This feedback gave initial insight for the primary user group, who are identified as very busy working adults with children. The next step was to research the competition to analyze their operations. We gained further understanding as to what the users might expect and how Peak Street Tavern could improve their overall experience.​

From my analysis, it was evident that our competitors offered incentives for pick-up orders. These and other features were taken into consideration for the design concepts.

Initial Design Concepts

Low-fidelity prototype

This prototype follows a sequential flow. You must complete one step before moving to the next.  To prevent confusion of which page to navigate, we provide an easy task completion. 


The following hi-fidelity mockups are a result of the usability studies. We made sure we took th euser perspective into consideration by creating easy to view buttons linking to the next process seemlessly. Deals are listed at top mid-center for easy view and selection.

Home Page 

The home page includes auto pop-up for easier access to deals. An option to close the deals pop-up is included for those searching for premium items. 

Deals Page

This page highlights all the available deals and groups them for easier selection.

Order customization

The order customization page allows the user to select specific items to the users' tasting preferences. 


The checkout process displays order specs and pricing. Below pricing on this page, customers can opt to receive the discount to save money.

High-fidelity prototype

In this high-fidelity model, the home screen serves as the central source of information. Each link connects to a page leading to the initial start of service, It's color friendly and intuitive, creating a warm feel when making decisions based on professional relationships. We'll keep the user in mind as we move forward with this design structure. 

Study Type

Unmoderated Usability Study


United States, remote


7 participants, ages 17-42


10 - 20 minutes

Usability Study parameters

Customers want to save money on expensive processing and delivery fees. 

Understanding the problem


Processing and delivery fees are expensive. Need more healthy choice options. Not all available items are listed within the app.


The goal is to provide alternatives to expensive delivery and processing fees.

Target Audience

The target users are local full-time employed customers, between the ages of 21-34 within a 2 mile radius. 

Users need quick ordering solution​

Users would appreciate food order customizations

Users need easier access to more healthy choice menu items.

Usability Study: findings


2807 Allen Street,
Dallas, TX 75204


This minimalistic approach keeps it simple for the user to find quick information. Users have found it challenging to find the services needed, because of too many options on one page. Some have compared it to an infomercial. Our plan is to make this initial process less challenging, fun and inviting by displaying our featured projects first with options to navigate to other pages of interest. 


03.  Item Three

02.  Item Two


We learned plenty from the usability studies.

Order Customization

Offering a unique order customization experience for our customers. The menu offers a wide variety of options from our tavern-style kitchen, so you can build your own meal. 

Save Money

We understand the importance of saving money. That's why we offer discounts on pick up orders. Whether you're ordering for the family or just for yourself, you can save money by picking up your order instead of having it delivered. We also have weekly specials and promotional offers that can help customers stretch your budget.


Our restaurant members enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards for being loyal customers. As a member, you can save more money on your favorite meals and drinks. 

Easy checkout

The easy checkout process makes it easy to pay for a meal quickly and conveniently. They accept all major credit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

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