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Alan Ponton, Lead UX Designer/Researcher

Dec 2022 - Feb 2023

Responsive Website

Gymwork Training

Gymwork Training is a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization, providing the opportunity for athletes of various levels of ability to experience instructional and competitive basketball in a safe, fun environment while promoting good sportsmanship, discipline and respect.


We conducted interviews, usability testing and customer journey mapping to understand the parents and players who regularly use the website. ​

This feedback gave initial insight for the primary user group, who are identified as very busy working adults with athletic children. The next step was to research the competition to analyze their operations. We gained further understanding as to what the users might expect and how Gymwork Training could improve their overall experience.​

From our analysis, it was evident that our competitors offered incentives for repeat orders. These and other features were taken into consideration for the design concepts.​

Initial Design Concepts

Low-fidelity prototype

Low fidelity prototyping is a great way for designers to quickly iterate ideas and test out ideas with users. At our Design Agency, we create low fidelity prototypes using a variety of tools and techniques such as paper prototyping, wireframing, and sketching. These low fidelity prototypes allow us to quickly create a basic version of a product or service in order to get user feedback. This feedback helps us refine our designs and create products that are tailored to the user’s needs.


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Home Page (Anchor)

This is a confidence building copy for the student athlete to view as a push to join  the program.

Flyers as a page

Coach Chew needed a flyer for the team's social media accounts, so he reached out to a third party who helped us integrate this in to his site seemlessly.


This responsive site includes a home page with five anchors. This anchor sits just above the footer. It sums up Coach Chew'a accomplishments within one image.


This quick contact menu helps the user easily connect to the coaches and current events. It's clean look makes it commfortably visible.

High-fidelity prototype

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Study Type

Unmoderated Usability Study


United States, remote


7 participants, ages 17-42


10 - 20 minutes

Usability Study parameters

As a busy parent, I understood the pains of not being able to easily register my daughter in afterschool activities. I wanted to validate these problems with peers so I took the initiative to run focus group sessions at Gymwork with 7 random students and parents who were equally frustrated.

Understanding the problem


Busy parents and students need an easy registration process during basketball season. Also, client needs an e-commerce solution to sell team products.


The goal is to design a simple and comprehensive online sign-up process and an e-commerce solution that will meet the clients requests.

Target Audience

Enthusiastic inner-city basketball players and their parents/guardians.

Users need a quick fill form to register for the team and activities

Parents need a trustworthy pay feature to prevent fraud. 

Client needs an e-commerce solution to sell team products and pay for registration.

Usability Study: findings

The following wireframes were created with the user mapping in mind. We analyzed the user journey and found that most parents will complete online applications after dinner when relaxed. Keeping this in mind, we implemented an in-screen version of the home page to mimic a television. This provides entertainment while communicating with the coaches who may also be using the app after dinner.


03.  Item Three

02.  Item Two


We learned plenty from the usability studies.


We understand the busy lives of parents and teens, so we'll continue to design using this info. We cut steps for regsitration from 10 steps to 7 steps. We'll continue to develop new ways to keep it simple and informative.

Teen friendly

It's important that we are able to reach both teen athletes and parenst alike, so we added trending topics using instagram as an anchor on the home page. This helps users connect on a level playing field.


A schedule of events was added to the registration process to help keep parents and students updated. 


The online store makes it easy for fans of the team to purchase favorite items to support the team events. The store will be secure and process transactions easily.


I have a wealth of experience in creating intuitive, user-friendly websites that provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for visitors. I understand how to create an effective website structure, how to make navigation easy, and how to create content that meets user needs. We can ensure your website is optimized for user satisfaction.


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